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  1. Enter your stake in the box
  2. Select each way, non runner or rule 4 if applicable
  3. Enter the odds for your selections
  4. Select result i.e Win/Place/Lose or N/R for each
  5. Click Calculate to see your winnings

Entering a stake of £1 will be a £15 total bet. For a stake lower than £1 please enter in this format 0.50 for 50p, 0.10 for a 10p lucky 15 bet.

Lucky 15 Calculator, Work Our Lucky 15 Winnings Free

Lucky 15 calculatorWelcome to Lucky 15 Calculator, as the website title suggests we provide a free lucky 15 bet calculator to everyone who want’s it, the calculator includes both win and each-way options as well as including options for rule 4 and dead heats.

This is the home of everything to do with lucky 15 bets and not just the free calculator. We were the very first website to offer a dedicated lucky 15 bet calculator online and continue to provide useful tools and information.

I spent a lot of my early teens in the bookmakers when I should really have been at school. I loved it there and soon found my place working out how much the old guys had won from a variety of bets. Things were very different then, even the betting shop staff had to use a huge calculator to work out how much people had won.

This was the early 1990’s and things are very different now. One thing that stuck with me was the pure excitement and enjoyment you get from a lucky 15, and 25 years later I am still helping people calculate their lucky 15 win and each way bets. Only now it’s via this website and not using a tiny red pen and paper.

You can use our Lucky 15 calculator to work out how much you can or have won from your bet. You can work out win or each way bets quickly and easily. All with the touch of a button!

You can bet on anything you want on a Lucky 15 slip. From horse racing to motor racing, football to rugby, a white Christmas to x-factor winners. Pretty much anything you want to bet on, be aware however that bonuses are usually only awarded on horse racing and greyhounds unless otherwise stated.

More than just a Lucky 15 Calculator

Our aim is to cover all there is to know about the Lucky 15 bet. We will highlight the good and bad of using a Lucky 15 bet, and obviously we help you to work them out.

Our bet calculator is a clever little thing, often referred to as a ready reckoner by old-time gamblers it’s free and easy to use. For those of the mobile phone generation however please don’t forget to grab yourself the lucky 15 calculator app for iPhones and tablets, it’s available in the app store right now.

We also try to answer questions you may have such as which is a better bet, lucky 15 or accumulator? Along with many other topics of interest to you. Our most popular tool of course is our Lucky 15 calculator!

If you’re new to placing lucky 15 bets and need to know how to work out winnings, then just use the calculator. you can also find out answers to common questions such as what is a lucky 15?

The Best Lucky 15 Bet CalculatorWhy our calculator is the best

If you take a look at the Ladbrokes lucky 15 calculator and Bet Fred calculator among others. They are very good and you can work out your Lucky 15 bets. But they are not as easy to use. Quite often it’s difficult to find the Lucky 15 calculator because of the huge variety of bets you can calculate.

Bookmakers including William Hill, Paddy Power, Bet365 & Boyle Sports all have a lucky 15 calculator available, they are hard to find and old fashioned. They don’t make the bookmaker any money so they are never a concern or main focus to their businesses. That’s why we are different, our calculator is our primary asset and does get updated and improved all the time

Bet calculators aren’t created equally. Our lucky 15 calculator was designed for 1 bet and 1 bet only.

Even our Each Way Lucky 15 calculator is designed to work out that bet alone. We could have covered multiple types of bets. But we chose not to, why?

Because if you’re here, you want the best lucky 15 bet calculator and nothing less!

You can use our bet calc no matter what the circumstances of your lucky 15 bet. We have options for win and each way lucky fifteen bets, rule 4 adjustments and non runner scenarios are covered. We have tried to make it the most comprehensive calculator of its kind, while still being absolutely free.

Bookmakers and Lucky Fifteen Bets

The name lucky in this bet refers to the bonuses that bookmakers give for this kind of bet. You would expect everyone to offer the same right? WRONG!

Bookmakers are all very different, so we have created a page all about the lucky 15 bonus to compare each bookie based on their offering. It is surprising to find many of the biggest names no-longer even offer a bonus at all.

It’s good old Betfred, the bonus king that offers the best place to place your bets, you can see the offer below, claim it or read more by following the links.

Bonus Offer
Read Review
Claim Now
Treble Odds for 1 Winner + 10% Added for 4 Winners
T&Cs Apply, 18+

Lucky 15 Bonus is valid for all UK & Ireland Horse racing, greyhounds and Virtual racing. 18+ New & Existing Customers.

Claim Offer

Choosing the right betting site to place your lucky 15 bets is an essential part of any lucky 15 bet strategy. In fact, it’s the only strategy that actually exists and will make a huge difference. You’ll win more, lose less and that can only be a good thing.

We know of course that gamblers bet on all kinds of things, and place all kinds of bets. For that reason, I have also dedicated sections of the website where you can find the best betting sites, full reviews and sign up bonuses from safe, regulated and UK licensed bookmakers. This makes it easy for fans of Lucky 15 bets to find other bookies to claim welcome bonuses and special offers. After all free bets are free bets, there is no harm in claiming as many as possible.

How to Work Out a Lucky 15 Bet Returns

Here we will show you how to work out a lucky 15 bet. You might be in the pub or with your mates wanting to show you are a mathematical genius, or just want to quickly calculate how much you have won on your own bet.

There is a basic calculation to do on multiple bets which is quite straight forward:

You take the odds which are the basic factors and add 1

Example of 4 winners on a lucky 15

  • A = 3/1
  • B = 5/2
  • C = 4/1
  • D = 2/1

So if basic factors are the odds and we + 1 to each of these so they become 4 – 3.5 – 5 – 3.

Once you have the basic factors just multiply them by one another 4 x 3.5 x 5 x 3 = 210.

The we minus 1 from that total and multiply by the stake 210 – 1 x 1 (£1) = £209 return plus stake back = £210.

The above is how you work out the 4 fold accumulator which is quite easy, but you now have to work out the other 14 bets.

To work out the rest you have to do the same calculation for the singles, doubles and trebles with the following selection in order

  • Single bets: A, B, C and D
  • Double Bets: AxB, AxC, AxD, BxC, BxD, CxD
  • Trebles: AxBxC, AxBxD, AxCxD, BxCxD

You need to add 1 to the odds again just as before and use the same calculation, when you have done each write them down and at the end add them all together, then add a 10% bonus if you have it and whey,…you’ve done it!

Not so easy huh? The very best way is to use out lucky 15 calculator. Use it under the table on your mobile if you want to look like a genius to your mates in the pub!

PS, in the scenario above the winnings from that lucky 15 bet was: £539 + 10% bonus if applicable, try and work it out for yourself see if you get the same answer.

Lucky 15 Calculator Updates

We work very hard behind the scenes to constantly improve our lucky 15 calculator and this website. Many visitors get the app which is another great free tool so we are now looking for more ways to make readers experiences even better.

Over the coming weeks, we might start to add a lucky 15 tips section. This will show what we as a team are backing in the office, and using our free lucky 15 calc we will show you what we win or of course lose.

We would love to hear any suggestions so please feel free to contact us. We want this to be the best lucky 15 calculator available online and in the app store. If there are any features you would like added to the calculator we would love to hear them and will do our best to pelase.