Lucky 15 Calculator App For Iphones & Ipads

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our FREE Lucky 15 calculator App for iPhone, iPad and iPod users. It’s brand new to the App Store and is ready to download now!

The app makes it even easier to calculate your Lucky 15 returns while on the go, in the pub, or sat on your sofa. It’s simple to use, very fast and effective.

At present it works out winnings Lucky 15 bets but does not calculate each way Lucky 15 bets. This will be remedied however, as soon as it’s ready we will run an update to the app and add in the each way calculator, it will still be free!

Those on android won’t have long to wait as we are developing an android version too. This will be launched very soon.

We really hope you enjoy it!

Lucky 15 Calculator iPhone App Screenshots

You can impress with the app, people will think you’re a GENIUS!

Sitting in the pub on a Saturday when people are huddled around the table with pens and paper trying to figure out how much someone has won from their lucky 15. Just ask the odds, pop them in the app and give them the result. Do it discreetly and look like a legend! You’ll be the go to guy for bet calculations. Probably best to say you specialize in Lucky 15 to avoid ruining your legendary status as the new Albert Einstein!!

Need any help please visit the app support page or email [email protected]

Betfred Lucky 15 Bonus

Treble Odds for 1 Winner + 10% Added for 4 Winners