How Does a Lucky 15 Work in Football

Lucky 15 football betsLucky 15 bets in Football are becoming more common. It once once just used for horse racing but betting on all sports is accepted so it’s appealing to a much wider audience, so how does a lucky 15 work in football?

To place a lucky 15 bet in football all you need to do is choose 4 games, and predict the result of those games. You can pick either a team to win, predict the score, predict the goal scorer or anything you like.

Once you have 4 selections your lucky 15 is placing 15 bets for you.

  • 4  Single bets
  • 6 Double bets
  • 4 Treble bets
  • 1 Accumulator or 4 fold

Each selection is placed on your lucky 15 slip in the boxes, or if you place the lucky 15 football bet online, just add your choices to your betslip and you can choose lucky 15 in the betting slip options once you have added 4 selections.

Example: a £1 Lucky 15 will costs £15 as it’s 15 bets in total as shown above.

How many winners to Win a Lucky 15 Football Bet?

Just ONE is the answer, and it goes a bit like this:

You are much better using our lucky 15 calculator to work out your winnings but here a rough guide:

Example of a £1 lucky 15 football bet – total cost £15

1 Winner and you have a £1 single win

2 winners and you have 2 x £1 single wins and 1 x £1 double

3 winners and you have 3 x £1 single wins, 3 x £1 doubles and 1 x £1 treble

4 winners and you have all 15 permutations of the bet, 4 x £1 singles, 6 x £1 doubles, 4 x £1 trebles, 1 x 4 fold

Is a lucky 15 football bet a good bet?

It is if you get decent prices and all 4 winners!

The problem with just choosing a winning team is the odds can be very low, odds on such as 1/2 are not uncommon. If you can get decent odds though such as first goal scorer then it’s well worth a go.

It’s very important to note that most of the lucky 15 bonus offers from the bookmakers are not offered for football bets. The double and treble the odds deals are usually reserved for horse racing and greyhounds.

Betfred Lucky 15 Bonus

Treble Odds for 1 Winner + 10% Added for 4 Winners