Lucky 15 Vs Accumulator, Which is Better?

Accumulators usually have 4 selections, a lucky 15 has 4 selections so which one is better? The truth is it depends on a lot of factors but the most important is, how much money you have.

You’ve picked 4 horses and want to bet. If you’ve only got £1 in your pocket then a £1 accumulator does the trick nicely and can still offer big returns. Although perhaps making sure you have food is a good idea before gambling your last pound!

If however, you have £7.50 a £0.50p lucky 15 will offer better chances of a return. Even one winner at 4/1 using BetFred where you get treble the odds for 1 winner gives you £6.50 back. You’re losing £1 in that example as you are in the accumulator but get 2 or 3 winners and the lucky 15 gets you a bigger return while the accumulator doesn’t get you anything… unless ALL selections win.

Let’s compare them by cost.


£1 Lucky 15 Bet = £15

4 Selections and to make things simple each is 4/1

1 Winner = £13 return (with treble odds promotion)

2 Winners = £35

3 Winners = £215

4 Winners = £1295

£15 Accumulator Bet

Again 4 selections all at 4/1 for a fair comparison

1 Winner = Nothing

2 Winners = Nothing

3 Winners = Nothing

4 Winners = £9375

You’ll see the total wins for 4 winners are far, far greater for the accumulator but you’re covering more option with the lucky 15.

In Summary Accumulator Vs Lucky 15

We believe the lucky 15 is better unless money is no object and you really don’t care if you win or not, but place a bet for fun.

It’s very rare to pick 4 winners in a day, but 1 or 2 from 4 is much more common. This means the lucky 15 offers more value but lower returns if you ever are to pick all 4 winners. But if you add up the number of time you don’t get anything from back from a placing a £15 accumulators every week Vs a lucky 15 you could be making a substantial saving.

INTERESTINGLY: The comparison above is for the same cost of bet i.e £15. But in all honesty that’s not a fair comparison as a £2 accumulator with the same examples of 4 x winners all at £4/1 would give a return of £1250 almost the same as on it’s more expensive cousin lucky 15 costing £15.

It really is very hard to choose and it really does boil down to how much you want to bet, how careful you want to be if you want to win more often or hope for 1 big win.

So in summary, sorry if this quick guide is of no use to you. But I would got the lucky 15 route every time!