What Happens With a Non Runner in a Lucky 15 Bet?

What happens with non runner lucky 15 betIt’s annoying when you get a non-runner in your bet, but what happens when you get a non runner in a lucky 15 bet?

Sometimes you can have 1 non runners, 2 non runners, 3 non runners or even them all in a lucky 15 and if you’re on this page it’s likely that’s what has happened to you. Don’t worry it’s not necessarily a bad thing  and below is what happens.

Non Runners in a Lucky 15 Explained.

This is not too bad at all, especially if you have 3 winners and 1 non runner!

All that happens you get all the other bets again to the same value, look at the example below.

We will call the selections A,B,C and D and D = The Non Runner

3 winners and 1 non runner means you effectively get all 15 bets up but instead of their being 4 trebles you’ll have 1 treble and an extra 3 doubles up, some doubles becomes singles and the accumulator becomes a treble.

Singles bets up with a non runner and 3 winners:

A, B, C – D is your stake back only

Doubles On a Lucky 15 with a non runner:

A/b, A/C, B/C are normal A/D, B/D and C/D are all treated as single bets.

Trebles on Lucky 15 With a Non Runner:

A/B/C is the only true treble, but you get all of these treated as a double as it excludes the non runner (D) A/B/D, A/C/D, B/C/D

The final part is the accumulator so you get your treble again A/B/C/D becomes A/B/C again

Did that make sense?

Probably not but I’m writing this after little sleep so will likely return to update it with some better info and a proper explanation.

In short just treat it as normal or just use our calculator and that will show you what you’ve won!

I actually know a few people who put a non runner in their lucky 15 bets on purpose thinking it would help them win more. Why they thought that as beyond me and it makes absolutely no sense. For a start you get 1 winner and you have lost your bonus so that was stupid, but what if your 4th selection had of won? Some people are just Stupid!

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