Yankee or Lucky 15, Which is Better?

It’s a fairly common question and people do wonder which is better a lucky 15 or yankee. The fact is both cover 4 races and the Yankee is a cheaper option, but that doesn’t mean it is the better option.

To answer the question we will give some examples of each bet below. If you on’t want to read this the quick answer is a lucky 15 bet is better as long as you choose a bookmaker with the best lucky 15 bonus available.

A Lucky 15 is better because

  • You get paid on just 1 winner
  • Choose the right bookies and you get treble the odds for 1 winner
  • As long as you get 1 winner over evens the amount lost is the same
  • Get 1 winner of 9/2 or greater and your in profit
  • Winnings are greater in all scenarios

Here’s an example of both a lucky 15 and a yankee. If you place a £1 lucky 15 it costs you £15 as it’s 15 bets. A £1 Yankee would cost £11 as it’s 11 bets, no singles are in a yankee so you need 2 or more winners to get a return.

£1 Lucky 15 all Horses 4/1 Odds

  • 1 Winner = £13 with your lucky 15 bonus
  • 2 Winners = £35
  • 3 Winners = £215
  • 4 Winners = £1295 + 10% Bonus = £1424.50

The cost to place that bet is £15 and with 1 winner at 4/1 you lose just £2. The cheaper Yankee would have cost £11 saving you £4 stake but you would have lost £11 if you had no winners, and the same if you had 1 winner.

Any more than 1 winner and you’re into profit, the same goes of the price was higher than 4/1 for a single winner.

£1 Yankee all Horses 4/1 Odds

  • 1 Winner = £0.00
  • 2 Winners = £25
  • 3 Winners = £200
  • 4 Winners = £1275

As you can see in all  ways the Lucky 15 is a better option. No matter of you get 1, 2, 3 or 4 winners you win more with a lucky 15. The only time a Yankee is the better bet is when you get no winners whatsoever, which is not that common, although it seems to happen more than it actually does.

The lesson here is always choose the right bet, and always make sure you use the best betting site for the job. Use our free lucky 15 calculator to see what your potential winnings are online.

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