Ladbrokes Lucky 15 Bonus

Double Odds 1 Winner, 10% Added All 4 Winners
  • Double Odds for 1 Winner
  • 10% Added For All 4
  • Misleading Articles on Website
  • Would Not Recommend for Lucky 15 Bets

I have a real issue with Ladbrokes and the way they treat customers. I would not recommend them to anyone despite being one of the biggest names in the business. I was a very loyal customer of theirs and their most profitable poker player some Years back when poker was at the height of popularity. Now in my opinion they are going downhill fast.

Ladbrokes actual lucky 15 bonus is double the odds for 1 winner and 10% added for 4 winners.

It’s always best to compare lucky 15 bonuses to make sure you get the best deal.

I came across an article in January 2018 they stated differently and thought they had improved this and become the market leader. I was very wrong, it was just not the correct information and the advertised offer was incorrect. They did say the lucky 15 bonus was treble odds for 1 winner and 20% added for all 4. I was obviously very pleased with this and started placing my lucky 15 bets there.

After not being paid correctly I contacted customer support who lied to me quite blatantly. They said the offer I had read was out of date it was an “old article” which was not the case. They then gave me a link to an older article saying this was the correct information. So the newer one id old and the older one is correct? This makes no sense!!

The customer support conversation is below.

Soren: Hi Anthony, welcome to Ladbrokes Customer Support. You’re speaking to Soren. How may I help you today?

7:41:29 PM Me: Hi, can you tell me what your lucky 15 bet bonuses are please

7:41:42 PM Soren: I will be happy to assist you.

7:42:04 PM Soren: Are you referring to a promotion on the site?

7:42:14 PM Me: No its a standard bonus you’ve always had for a lucky 15 bet

7:42:36 PM Me: It was always double the odds for 1 winner and 10% added for 4 winners.

7:42:53 PM Me: However I just read this but don’t know if its correct

7:43:05 PM Soren: Its a double your winnings for 1 winner and 10% if you get all 4 right.

7:43:22 PM Me: Right that article says treble and 20%

7:43:37 PM Me: Maybe you should get that changed

7:43:44 PM Soren: Let me check

7:44:01 PM Soren: 1 sec

7:44:02 PM Soren: Upon checking you see an old article.

7:47:37 PM Soren: Check this one from the site

7:47:42 PM Soren:

7:47:45 PMSoren: there you see all 3 lucky types

7:47:59 PM Me: Thanks but its not an old article it was posted in January 2018

7:48:43 PM Soren: Yes I see but it has been updated since.

7:49:01 PM Soren: Thats why I sent you the new one from the help section

7:49:12 PM Me: The one you just showed me is older

7:49:15 PM Soren: I did not see that. I will send it to my Promotions Team asking them to check it.

7:49:58 PM Me: Thanks, can you also please be aware I have placed a lot of lucky 15 bets because of this and none have been given the bonus you have offered in the most recent article.

7:50:42 PM Me: It’s false advertising if not worse

7:51:00 PM Soren: Its not false. It can be that it has not been updated correctly. I have asked them to check it for you.

7:51:18 PM Soren: Once we have an update we will get back to you.

7:51:27 PM Me: Thanks, but is is false it said one thing and thats not what we get

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